Sunday, July 8, 2012

President Vampire Hunter: Possibilities


I like wacky premises. I like it even more when authors take a theoretically absurd idea and build a quality work around it. Usually, you can’t lose – you’ll get ‘wacky’ and ‘good,’ or at least ‘wacky.’ Which is still good.

I would have been delighted to discover that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was, contrary to all expectations, an awesome piece of non-claptrap that never made me want to wretch. In the words of Sideshow Bob, about MacGyver. 

God damn it, how do you take a book with a US president fighting Vampires and make it so damn dull? How did it fail at wackiness, goodness, or wacky goodness?

For starters:

 Part One


1. Teddy Roosevelt
2. Andrew Jackson
3. The Founding Fathers, as part of a Dracula-style Vampire hunting team.
    What actually happened: Abraham Lincoln

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