Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lestat's Evil Overlord List

            Lestat has become something of a villainous icon for us pop culture types, especially as a sire. Not an icon for abusive siring – that honor goes to Lucien LaCroix from Forever Knight. 
Lucien LaCroix, Vampire Master from Forever Knight

(That man spent nearly eight hundred years making his initiate’s life miserable at the exclusion of almost all else. Yeah, he needs to get his priorities straight, but he had a goal, and he succeeded, dammit!)

Lestat is more of an icon for staggeringly irresponsible siring. 
            How’s this for a smart strategy:

1.     Choose your initiate after having observed him at a distance for what appears to be one occasion.

2.     In fact, choose a guy who tries gambling away his own fortune, gets into fights, and nearly gets himself killed several times in a matter of hours. Especially if you’re a gold digging sire and looking for stable financial support.

3.     After killing two people in front of him, nearly killing him (really, I can think of several non-vampiric ways Louis should have died in the harbor scene, including blood loss, infection, stroke, drowning, injury from the water's surface tension from the fall, hell, all of the above), and breaking and entering into his home while he’s in bed sick – proposition him!

4.     Only tell him the benefits of vampirism, and none of the costs, and trust that he figured those out in context.

5.     Give him one day to think about it.

6.     Later that day, give him his last chance to back out after it’s already too late.

7.     Now tell him about the consequences, and give him very little other useful information except for how to kill Vampires, especially you.

8.     Take him and try systematically and repeatedly breaking down the psychological and physical barriers that stop people from killing each other, whether you need to or not.

9.     After he successfully stops killing, mock him, and make it clear that not only does he have to keep killing, but he also has to keep doing it with you, the guy who’s responsible for all this in the first place. Offer him absolutely no way out. Maybe unconvincingly argue he can’t kill you.

10. Act surprised when he destroys everything he owns the next time he kills someone, and fail to understand why he did it.

11. The next time he almost kills someone under very horrific circumstances, immortalize both the victim and the event so he has a permanent reminder of his resentment for you, what he is, and what he’s done.

12. Oh, yeah, make sure the victim has a built-in ticking time bomb reason to resent you, and raise her to be a bigger monster than you.

13. Act very surprised when they both kill you.

Now, if Lestat was a six-thousand-year-old evil overlord with hordes of underlings and he behaved this way, I’d have a problem with it. Near as I can tell, though, he’s a bum who goes from bad relationship to bad relationship while being a social parasite and crashing someplace every time the lifestyle nearly kills him. So it works, and it’s clear that Lestat’s reckless irresponsibility makes perfect sense for the character.

Naturally, he’s the character that a lot of the audience seems to like and identify with, compared to Louis.

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